Limitless possibilities. Everywhere.

The establishment of "seeyouhere communication GmbH" in 2014 marks a pivotal milestone. Born in 1968 and raised amidst the vibrant backdrop of the media city Cologne, Stefan Hoff unfolds a fascinating synergy of professional activities under the powerful slogan 'seeyouhere. see you there. see you everywhere.'

His life journey resembles a living mosaic, rich in experiences, always focused yet shaped by the facets and turns of life. Personally and professionally, he has experienced peaks and troughs, granting him the ability to immerse himself alongside conversation partners in their topics and realities. Here and now.

As an experienced mentor and consultant, Stefan Hoff accompanies you with a wealth of experience, be it on a personal or entrepreneurial level. His approach is defined by the fusion of coaching and consultancy, as well as impressive life and professional experience.

Stefan's appreciative attentiveness makes the crucial difference. Emotions are taken on board, always on an equal footing. Instead of paper tissues, Stefan offers his hand if necessary. His facial expressions are sincere, never omniscient.

Stefan typically eschews tools to concentrate 100% on his conversation partners. The coaching component manifests through targeted questions; as a personal advisor, he makes clear statements.

References are good, confidentiality is better. Stefan's confidentiality is his most noteworthy reference.

Ready for you - here, there, or wherever you want. Because for Stefan Hoff, anything is possible.

Through diverse corporate involvements, Stefan Hoff actively and passionately engages in numerous projects. As a 'Business Angel', member of boards, supervisory boards, or advisory boards, as a consultant, or even managing director, companies utilize his expertise.

Stefan's exceptional network, passionately built since his professional beginnings in 1986 and continuously expanded, enables him to connect people thematically again and again.

This diversity offers boundless possibilities. Everywhere.


Born in Cologne - at home in the world.

My professional journey in the media industry mirrors the:"American Dream". From cable puller to international media manager.

Along this path, I've had the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry and lead projects of global significance. My experiences span various aspects of the media landscape, including production, distribution, and strategic planning, always pursuing an innovative approach to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Now, I combine the carefree spirit of the early days with the wisdom and diversity of my career.